GECOL Promises Improved Electricity Supply

By John Lee.

The General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL) has promised that power cuts will be ‘‘noticeably’’ reduced within 45 days.

According to Libya Herald, the company has held meetings internally and with various municipalities to discuss the electricity supply problems, and it has now put in place ‘‘a three phase comprehensive plan’’ to resolve the power cuts.

The first phase is to restart a number of power stations that are currently non-operational over the next 45 days; ‘‘its effect will be clear’’, GECOL said.

The second phase is a medium term plan focussing on projects such as the Khoms, South and the Al-Zahra projects, which should lead to the addition of about 600 MW of capacity "within 6 months’".

Total capacity is now about 4,600 MW, with demand at about 6,000 MW, resulting in an average of 6 hours of power cuts every day in the western network.

GECOL had revealed that there is a proposal that Tripoli would get its own power station at Bir Sta Milad.

(Source: Libya Herald)

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