US Secretary Kerry: Libya can be an Entrepreneurial Economy

The US Secretary of State has said that Libya’s future is in the hands of its leaders and its people, and that it has the opportunity to be a safe country and an entrepreneurial economy.

In his departure memo, John Kerry said:

"In Libya, since the fall of Muammar al-Qadhafi, the United States has worked to support the Libyan people as they build a Government of National Accord that is inclusive and can address the full range of Libya’s political, security, economic, and humanitarian challenges across the entire country.

"We have brought the international community together to strengthen the Government and to support its efforts to unify the Libyan people. Libya has an opportunity to be a safe country for its citizens, one with a functioning government, an entrepreneurial economy, and a population that is both diverse and unified at the same time.

"Or, it could turn into a safe haven for terrorists, trapped in division and chaos and beset by personal, international, and tribal rivalries. The choices to shape Libya’s future are in the hands of its leaders and its people.

"They need our support, and we and our partners must continue to seize the initiative to support their efforts in the months and years ahead."

(Source: US State Dept)

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