New Horizons for Libya’s Health Sector

This project will help us improve our daily performance as doctors and increase our knowledge, which will be a rewarding thing for the whole society” said Dr. Shenisheh.

Shenaisheh expressed his excitement at being a part of the project, saying it gave him the chance as a doctor and a student to participate in the process of raising the performance of the health sector. Through connecting different beneficiaries to the Ministry of Health, the project is able to set up priorities and put plans into action that will be implemented in the near future so that health services can reach all Libyan citizens.

Many lives could be saved by improving the quality of maternal and neonatal care and quality of services through a training of trainers, said Dr. Suhair Bek Derna, Chair of the Maternal Health Working Group of the Ministry of Health. And Dr. Muneera Aldughri, Head of Maternal and Child Health in the Primary Health Care Directorate, added that by focusing on the health of mothers and children, the number of deaths could be limited, and care improved in all other health sectors.

“We will be able to provide medicine and health products in primary health centres, improve the quality of services provided by doctors and nurses through the trainings and capacity building, in order to provide better quality services to Libyans” said Aldughri.

Another of the projects, which is being implemented by the World Health Organisation, is strengthening the Health Information System and Medicines Supply Chain Management. This project aims to sustain high quality health services in Libya. Through this project, the EU will rehabilitate warehouses that stock medicine across the country so that practitioners and patients can access medications in a timely fashion, according to Bettina Muscheidt, the Head of Delegation of the European Union to Libya.

Psychological support services and mental health

As for the psychological support services and mental health, Khaled Hamidi, executive manager of the Psychological Support Team NGO, explained the importance of giving more attention to the issue, highlighting the rise of armed conflict in Libya, which he says has harmed Libyans’ psychological health.

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