UK sends £9m to Libya to Boost Security

During his visit to Tripoli, the Foreign Secretary met with the Libyan Naval Coastguard to hear about their UK training. Delivered by the Royal Navy, training has focussed on activities such as search and rescue, boarding and inspecting vessels, human rights and the treatment of migrants.

Speaking from Tripoli, the Foreign Secretary said:

"Libya is the front line for many challenges which left unchecked can pose problems for us in the UK – particularly illegal migration and the threat from terrorism.

"That’s why it is so important that we work with the Libyan government and our partners to help bring stability to Libya, stopping it from becoming a fertile ground for terrorists, gun runners and people traffickers in close proximity to Europe.

"This means supporting the new UN Representative and the political process, but it also means practical efforts too – including the new kit we are providing to make Sirte safer for Libyans and the work we are doing to ensure that the Libyan coastguard can secure their own borders, reducing the number of illegal migrants heading for Europe."

During his visit, the Foreign Secretary met with Libyan Prime Minister Fayyez Al-Serraj, Foreign Minister Mohamed Siala and the President of Libya’s High State Council Abdurrahman Swehli. Mr Johnson underlined the importance of Libya’s different political and social groups working together to overcome the current political conflict.

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