UN Boss working on "Macroeconomic Vision" for Libya

Mr. President,

To deliver on our mandate, we continue to prepare to ramp up the presence of the United Nations family in Tripoli and from Tripoli across the country – as security conditions allow.

A convoy of UNSMIL personnel was attacked with gunfire and rocket-propelled grenades on 28 June.  One staff member was injured and we are fortunate that there were no further casualties.

The UN presence in Libya is already significantly larger than any other diplomatic mission, and it will soon expand further. We must remain aware that there are real risks in operating in Libya, and it is incumbent on me to ensure that those risks are mitigated as effectively as possible.

Mr. President,

I would like to thank all of the Member States who have worked to support the LPA since its signature, who have contributed to fighting ISIL and other listed terrorist groups and who have contributed to stabilising the country.

I look forward to working with all those Libyan and international stakeholders to bring together our political, security and economic efforts in a coherent and coordinated manner.

I appreciate the efforts of all governments and organisations working to promote peace and reconciliation among Libyans. But a proliferation of initiatives to mediate somehow risks confusing the political landscape.

There is a window of opportunity, and it is in the hands of the Libyan people to seize it. I would not have assumed this role if I did not believe that a peaceful and positive end to the Libyan crisis was possible.

For this reason, during the upcoming meeting of the General Assembly, Secretary General António Guterres plans to convene a High Level Meeting where an action plan will be presented.  I will not go into further details as it would be premature prior to the conclusion of my round of consultations with Libyans.

The UN stands willing and able to act in the best interests of all Libyans, at equal distance from all parties.  I very much hope that with the trust of our Libyan partners and the confidence of the regional organisations and concerned member states, we are able to strengthen and unify our collective efforts, and together restore Libya to its rightful place in the family of nations – one united, stable and prosperous country.

Thank you.

(Source: UNSMIL)

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  1. Dr Satya P.Bindra 1st September 2017 at 7:33 pm #

    OKYD Ambassador and his team of 7 solution makers welcome new UNSMIL Chief and urge him to support us to present our solutions during forthcoming UN NGLs SOLUTION SUMMIT Sept 19-21 2017.

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