Sea-Eye Resumes Rescue Missions

From Sea-Eye. Any opinions expressed are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Libya Business News.

The private sea rescue organisation Sea-Eye from Germany has decided to resume its rescue missions in the Mediterranean. The missions had been temporarily stopped during the past month.

In the future, the operations of the two boats, the Sea-Eye and the Seefuchs, will take place in an area that is located 70-90 nms off the Libyan coast, taking into consideration the continuing threat by the Libyan coast guard and so as not to endanger the crews.

A particular incident on 2 September contributed to this decision. The MRCC Rome called the Seefuchs crew to a rescue about 50 nms off the Libyan coast. The crew were able to rescue 16 people on a wooden boat from drowning.

This incident shows that the claim by Frontex and the EU that there are no more refugees and therefore no one in distress off the Libyan coast, is untrue. The survivors of 2 September reported that they started with two full rubber boats. There is no trace of these boats and their passengers until today. We have to assume that they all drowned.

Michael Buschheuer (pictured), chairman of Sea-Eye e.V.:

“The deal of the European countries with the Libyan coast guard is irresponsible. They are allowing a situation to continue that is violating international law. We owe it to the people in distress and misery to remain in the area and to rescue whenever necessary.”


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