France Ups Contribution to Stabilization Facility for Libya

French Ambassador to Libya, H.E. Ms. Brigitte Curmi stated:

Every initiative which emanates from the international community with the support of the Libyan authorities, and that aims at improving Libyan’s daily live is most welcome.

"Achievements of the Stabilization Fund for Libya underline the importance of fostering projects at local level, at the closest to the communities, with the help of the Libyan municipalities.

"It is a successful tool to empower local actors, civil society and municipalities and to pursue the experience of democracy that has been engaged at local level in the past years.

On his part, the Technical Cooperation Director of the Libyan Ministry of Planning, Mr. Esam Garbaa, has praised the work of UNDP and thanked France for its commitment to its country.

“The SFL is accepted by many Libyan people, who really appreciate the efforts of the international community. Hospitals that were damaged and closed because of the conflict are now open and functioning and schools have been reopened after rehabilitation work undertaken through the SFL. These projects directly improve the lives of our citizens and give hope to our people. I can only express gratitude”.

In June, the SFL Board agreed to expand its programme to four new locations: Tripoli, Bani Walid, Kufra and Derna. A needs assessment has already started for Greater Tripoli, and a list of priority investments has been identified for Bani Walid.

(Source: UNDP)

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