Rehabilitation of English Labs at Sebha University

Stabilization Facility for Libya completes the rehabilitation of two English Labs at Sebha University

In a ceremony that took place at Sebha University, the Stabilization Facility for Libya (SFL) team in the city handed over to the municipality the Lecture hall of the English Department at Sebha University after finalizing its rehabilitation.

The University of Sebha is the largest in Southern Libya. Covering 14 municipalities, it hosted 25,000 students in 2017. The English department is the biggest within the University and has more than 780 students. The lecture hall of the department consists of five English laboratories. Until now only three laboratories were in use, which did not meet the needs of the students enrolling in English classes.

During the handover ceremony, Dr. Al Tiyb Alkhaiyali, Chair of the English Department at Sebha University, stated:

“I thank with immense pleasure all the efforts of the Stabilization Facility for Libya and the Government of National Accord to reach our region. The Facility helped us to provide services to our students that were not available before. Having two more labs will allow more students to learn English.

"Before, students did not have the chance to participate actively in the lectures since the classes were packed. From today, teachers will have more space for better learning sessions.”

SFL rehabilitated two laboratories of the English department and fixed doors and windows of the three other laboratories.

The Head of Neighborhoods Coordination at Sirt Municipality, Mr. Nouri al-Goaizi, said:

“The inauguration of the English labs did not only bring back life to the Faculty of Arts, but to the entire university. The new labs will contribute to the improvement of the quality of education at the university and to the creation of a generation that can build a new Libya. I thank all those who contributed to this project.”

Led by the Government of National Accord (GNA) and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Facility is an immediate stabilization initiative which provides quick rehabilitation of critical infrastructure and delivery of equipment to support local authorities to improve its services to their citizens.

In Sebha, in addition to the renovation of the above-mentioned laboratories, the Facility is currently rehabilitating the student’s dormitory at the University and the Sterilization Department at Sebha Medical Center. SFL will also provide sewage and water pumps, and generators among other supplies to provide basic services for Sebha residents.

(Source: UNDP)

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