Concrete steps to implement Tawergha Misrata Agreement

Reconciliation Technical Committee identifies concrete steps to implement Tawergha Misrata Agreement; UN to play central role

The Technical Committee of the “Towards National Reconciliation in Libya” project met this week with the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General Ghassan Salamé (pictured) and the State Minister for IDP Affairs Youssef Jalala to discuss the safe return of the Tawergha community and the Misrata-Tawergha reconciliation process.

In attendance were also Abdelrahmane Al-Shakshak, Head of the Tawergha Local Council and Ali Abusitta, Misrata Municipal Council member.

During the meeting, the participants addressed the latest developments in the reconciliation process and proposed concrete steps to overcome the obstacles hindering the implementation of the agreement between Tawergha and Misrata signed in August 2016. The participants also identified the roles and responsibilities of each party.

The Technical Committee affirmed that the August 2016 Agreement should remain the only framework for all future discussions, and that the agreement itself should not be reopened. They called on the Presidency Council to support the full implementation of the August agreement including the measures related to  justice and security.

They stressed the pivotal role of the United Nations in supporting the return process from a political, social and humanitarian perspective, and in monitoring the implementation of the agreement on the ground, documenting any breaches to it, while also reaching out to those who oppose the return.

The full statement can be downloaded here:

(Source: UN)

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