China "Strategic Partner" in Libya's Telecom Sector

By John Lee.

A director of Libya's General Authority of Communication and Informatics has reportedly said that Chinese companies are strategic partners to develop the telecommunications sector in Libya.

According to a report from Xinhua, Adel Ehmedat also told a one-day workshop in Tripoli entitled "Postal Addressing: Necessity or Accessory" that companies such as companies Huawei and ZTE provide a great service to the Libyan telecommunications sector, in terms of the development of telephone networks, mobile and fixed-line billing systems, as well as technical support for training and provision of spare parts.

He praised Chinese telecommunication companies for staying in Libya and continuing to operate despite the difficult conditions.

The state-owned Libya Telecom and Technology Company (LTT) launched the first phase of its 4G high-speed internet service earlier this year, implemented by Huawei.

(Source: Xinhua)

(Picture: China Libya flag jigsaw from esfera/Shutterstock)

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