Brega Petroleum welcomes New Chairman

By John Lee.

Mr Imad Benkoura took up his duties today as the new chairman of the Brega Petroleum Marketing Company (BPMC) management committee, succeeding Dr Fouad Belrhaim, in accordance with National Oil Corporation’s (NOC) resolution on the restructuring of the company's management committee; dated July 19, 2018.

Mr Benkoura previously excelled as chairman of the Zawiya [Azawiya] Oil Refining Company and served as NOC’s general manager of marine transportation. His outstanding performance as chairman of the Fuel Stations Follow-up committee puts him in a unique position to manage the Brega Petroleum Marketing Company - tasked with improving the distribution of fuel and gas to Libyans across the country, and fighting the fuel smuggling issue.

The new members of the management committee are: Mr Kheralla Saleh Abdelsalam, Mr Mohamed Rahil Imraja, Dr Massoud Omar and Mr Ibrahim Ahmed Salah Boubridaa.

NOC’s Board of Directors, headed by Eng. Mustafa Sanalla, wished new committee members the best of luck and success in their new assignments.

"We are fully aware of the challenges facing the company's management committee, but are confident that the committee’s new members and chairman have the relevant experience to overcome these difficulties”, said Sanalla.

Mr Benkoura added: “I would like to warmly thank the members and chairman of NOC’s Board of Directors for having placed their trust in me. May Allah help me live up to the expectations of all Libyan citizens and propel the company forward”.

(Source: NOC)

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