Plan to Deliver Fuel and Fight Smuggling in the South

As a result of continuous monitoring of the fuel supply issue by the National Oil Corporation, Brega Petroleum Marketing Company (BPMC) announces the completion of preparations to send a truck convoy carrying around 3.8 million litres of vehicle fuel, 1.2 million litres of diesel, and 80 tons of liquefied gas (cooking gas) from the Misurata warehouse to the south of the country.

The convoy is scheduled for December 18, 2018, and will be escorted by a protection force to ensure the safety and security of drivers.

The convoy will deliver fuel to the Sebha warehouse, where quantities to be delivered to each municipal mayor will be determined. Distribution companies will then distribute fuel to identified fuel stations; to be confirmed by each municipal mayor.

In order to guarantee the delivery of fuel to the people of the south and to prevent its use in smuggling, BPMC has concluded an important agreement with the elders and municipalities of the region, and working in partnership with them will calculate fuel quantities for distribution on a daily basis.

BPMC will publish delivered quantities on a daily basis, with municipalities monitoring the activity of chosen stations to ensure that fuel is sold at official prices, that stations are open and bonafide and actually selling fuel to the public. In the event of any violation, BPMC will halt the supply to these stations and take necessary legal action against them.

BPMC commends the efforts of all participating security forces, including the Central Military Region, the Barak Military Area, the Sabha Military Area, and the Al Jufra Military Area. Collectively they will secure the road for the trucks of the Cooperative Arab Association for Oil Transport (CAAOT), in coordination with the mayor of Misurata and the mayors of the southern municipalities. This ambitious plan will ensure the delivery of fuel to all people of the south at official prices, and will significantly reduce the phenomenon of smuggling.

Mr Imad Benkoura, chairman of the BPMC management committee commented:

“We are fully aware of the suffering of our people in the south and are pleased to find a solution to secure this convoy, after several months of effort. I would like to extend my thanks to all those who have fulfilled their national duty and responsibilities to ensure delivery of fuel to the region, and call on them to continue on this path to ensure the continuity of liquid fuel and gas cylinder supply, in accordance with the conditions and regulations adopted by BPMC.”

(Source: NOC)

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  1. Capt. Ingo Freudenberg 18th December 2018 at 8:24 pm #

    18.12.2018 21:30 CET

    The fuel supply issue for the SOUTH will stay MUCH LONGER than any body expecting in the moment.

    In my opinion, a mobile refenery of min. 20.000 brls/d has to be purchased and installed
    in a safe place & correct place, close to a some wells.
    relocate Libyan's Collombey refinery as soon as possible.

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