Conference on Enterpreneurship and Microenterprises

On 21st – 22nd September 2019, a joint conference on private sector development took place in Misrata in the framework of the project "Support to Libya for Economic Integration, Diversification and Sustainable Employment" (SLEIDSE), co-financed by the European Union (EU) and the French Government and implemented by Expertise France.

The objective of this Misrata University - Chamber of Commerce Joint Conference is double. First it is to highlight to the Libyan civil society the importance of private sector development in the country for the economic future of Libya. Second it is to demonstrate the importance of supporting and recognizing young Libyan entrepreneurs and Libyan private sector executives within Libyan society if Libya is to achieve economic growth and play a role up to its potential in economic globalization.

The event was attended by GNA officials, heads of public administrations, representatives of banks, Misrata Municipality and representatives of the international community. Six Universities and Chambers of Commerce across the Libyan territory (Benghazi, Gharyan, Misrata, Sebha, Tripoli and Zintan) are involved in the SLEIDSE project, which aims to boost entrepreneurship in Libya. This objective was fulfilled by a series of activities:

  • The design and the implementation of the first “University-Chamber of Commerce Joint Certificate in Entrepreneurship & Business Development”
  • The creation of 6 Fab Labs within University Business Incubators
  • The training of Fab Lab Managers
  • The international Training of Libyan academics in teaching Entrepreneurship & Business Development
  • The creation of opportunity for 90 selected young students across Libya to prototype their business idea, get trained and certified in Entrepreneurship and Business Development, and to promote their business to potential Libyan investors.

Three other projects are implemented by Expertise France in Libya:

  1. European Union for Private Sector in Libya (EU4PSL), an EU-financed project that contributes to improving the business environment in Libya,
  2. STREAM, an incubator to support the development and strengthen the capacities of Libyan start-ups and young enterprises financed by the UK government,
  3. Microfinance (MFI), a project that establishes the first microfinance institution in Libya through a local bank financed by the UK government.

(Source: Expertise France)

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