Workshop on “Advocacy and Awareness-Raising Capacities”

From 12 to 16 October the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) is co-organising in Tunis, with the EU Delegation to Libya and the Libyan Government of National Accord’s National Team for Border Security and Management (NTBSM), the 5th Civil Society Training Workshop “Advocacy and Awareness-raising Capacities” for Libyan civil society organizations (CSOs) working on migration.

The Workshop takes place within the framework of the ICMPD project EU-funded "Strategic and institutional management of migration in Libya”, and includes 40 representatives from Libyan CSOs. Also participating in the workshop are representatives from the NTBSM and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Displaced People’s Affairs of Libya.

In her opening speech, Ms. Sandra Goffin, Head of Operations at the EU Delegation to Libya, pointed out that well managed migration leads to social cohesion that benefits both migrants and the hosting communities. She underlined that civil society can contribute to the design of a comprehensive migration governance framework by providing support in developing both migration policies and legislations.

She recalled that the EU is funding this project to support Libyan stakeholders in preparing the prerequisites for such governance. Ms. Goffin expressed her wish that the training will enable the CSOs to contribute to the efforts that effectively address migration challenges and leverage its opportunities, in view of successful peace building and reconstruction in Libya.

Mr. Hasan Ben Nnouwarah, Member of the Libyan National Team for Border Security and Management, highlighted the importance of the ongoing excellent and constructive cooperation with the ICMPD and the European Union. He stated that this workshop will continue to prepare the Libyan CSOs to fulfill their parts of their duties towards Libya, through contributing to the government’s efforts in managing migration and as a key partner able to conduct awareness-raising and advocacy actions that both address migration challenges and reap its benefits.

Dr. Mohamed Kriaa, Professor of Economics and ICMPD Senior Advisor, went through the various activities organized by the project, targeting civil society and government institutions, ranging from the institutional capacity assessments to the capacity building plan of ICMPD. He pointed out that ICMPD has organised a series of 4 CSO workshops since the beginning of 2018, touching upon subjects such as “project development”, “networking” and “Legal frameworks of migration” and “regulatory framework of civil society”. He emphasized that ICMPD supports to the new generations of Libyan CSOs to create evidence-based, coordinated and sustainable migration policies.

With the European Union funding, ICMPD is supporting the Libyan administration at central and local levels, as well as Libyan civil society and academia, in their efforts to develop the necessary prerequisites for effective migration governance. Project activities focus on improving migration management, assisting the Libyan administration in improving the structures, mechanisms and procedures related to migration governance and supporting Libya’s reintegration into regional and international dialogues on migration.

(Source: EU)

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