Consultations on Unified and Transparent Libyan Institutions

Consultations on Unified and Transparent Libyan Energy and Economic Institutions

U.S. and Libyan officials met in Washington to discuss specific measures to increase transparency and accountability of economic and energy institutions, support unified governance of sovereign institutions, and ensure stable financing for Libya’s energy sector.

Participants reaffirmed the need for all sovereign institutions, including the National Oil Corporation (NOC) and the Central Bank of Libya (CBL), to be unified, apolitical, and technically proficient organizations working on behalf of all Libyans.

The Libyan participants agreed to move forward with plans for energy sector maintenance and development and to cooperate with the International Financial Institutions to bolster transparency and effectiveness.

The United States looks forward to engaging with Libyan economic and energy sector stakeholders in the months to come to ensure the important progress made today continues.

(Source: US State Dept)

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