Zallaf Oil launches Skilled Labour Programme

Zallaf Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Company, a subsidiary of the National Oil Corporation (NOC), has launched a skilled labour programme to train and develop young people between the ages of 18 and 25 in southern Libya. 60 students were selected for the programme from 111 applicants.

The programme team communicated with the participating municipalities of Alshawerif, Al Bawanees, Bent Baya, Al-Sharqiyah, Taraghin, Al Ghurayfah, Obari, Wadi Utba, Ghat, Sabha, Brak, Al Qardha and Adiri, in order to find applicants for the programme.

The training courses were conducted in cooperation with the Libyan Petroleum Institute, using its training centre in addition to those of NOC's subsidiaries. The programme develops the technical capabilities of the young Libyans participating in various fields, including welding, mechanical maintenance, drilling and construction.

“The importance of this programme lies in providing Libyan youth, especially in the South, with a set of professional skills that will help them become entrepreneurs or find jobs in their respective fields. We are proud of this training course and we wish success to all participants.", said Dr Khalifa Rajab Abdul Sadiq, chairman of the Management Committee of Zallaf Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Company.

The company is preparing for a second training programme for 50 more young people from the south during 2020.

(Source: National Oil Corporation)

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