Korea gives $1.5m to UNDP Progs in Libya

His Excellency, the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Libya, Mr. Sungsoo CHOI, has signed an agreement with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Resident Representative in Libya, Mr. Gerardo Noto, by which the Republic of Korea entrusts $1.5 million to UNDP to pursue stabilization, recovery and resilience in Libya.

Korea’s donation will be used for three concrete UNDP initiatives in Libya:

$500,000 contribution will help the UNDP programme “Support to SDGs implementation in Libya: No one left behind,” to set up a bus transportation system for University students centered in Janzour and benefiting people in Tripoli.

Other $500,000 will be used to rehabilitate and provide professional training at the Tripoli Vocational Center developing capacities and skills for people in Libya particularly youth.

Finally, the remaining $500,000 will increase South Korea’s contribution to the Stabilization Facility for Libya (SFL), making US$3.5 million the total contribution of Korea to the Facility. More than two million people are benefitting from services restored by the Facility in Benghazi, Kikla, Ubari, Sebha, Sirt, Bani Walid and Greater Tripoli.

During the signing ceremony, Ambassador CHOI stated:

“Korea is always standing by the Libyan people in their efforts for peace, stability and prosperity. I hope these programs will contribute to recovery, rehabilitation and capacity building in Libya.”

On his part, UNDP Resident Representative in Libya, Mr. Noto said:

“UNDP is very thankful of the strong support of the Republic of Korea to people in Libya and the renewal of their commitment in partnership with UNDP. These contributions will benefit people on the stabilizing communities around Libya, will also focused on youth through support to sustainable transportation to university students in Tripoli and developing youth technical skills for their economic inclusion. We fully share the vision for peace and sustainable development in Libya and thank the support provided by our international partners”.

With this new donation, the fund provided by South Korea to UNDP Libya initiatives totals $5 million.

(Source: UNDP)

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