Call for Proposal: Study on Smuggling of Migrants

By John Lee.

IOM Libya Research has recently advertised a call for proposal to conduct a Study on Smuggling of Migrants and Trafficking in Persons in Libya in partnership with UNODC and UNICEF.

Applications and proposals can be submitted following instructions here.

Deadline for submission: 10 February 2020

(Source: UNGM)

One Response to Call for Proposal: Study on Smuggling of Migrants

  1. John A Lincoln 5th February 2020 at 3:47 am #

    It is really a joke that a bunch of power and wealth lust semi-Libyans' leaders have been fighting among each other and killing each other for more than 60 miserable years and their poor, traditional, simple minded and naive people suffering the consequences and outcomes of their madness being distracted, brainwashed, coached, blackmailed and laughed at being milked and abused by the entire opportune smugglers, traffickers and criminals.

    It is time to sit down and sort out your madness through the civil and the constructive means, including dialogue, reconciliations, negotiations, mutual respect and mutual understanding. It is time to unite, pacify and restore your people trust and confidence to prove that together as a united nation you can move forward to build up, develop and protect your own people, country, borders, resources, economy, morale, trust and determination that you can triumph, prosper and succeed to end up with a modern and strong nation and people that the world can trust and respect.

    It is time to bow to your CREATOR, apologize and seek forgiveness and repentance from your mortal SINS and ARROGANCE. It is time to repent and pray for the lost innocent lives of your young and elderly people who have sacrificed dearly for more than 60 miserable years to free you from SINS, ARROGANCE, TYRANNY and DICTATORSHIPS. It is time to unite your people to celebrate your successes and failures. It is time stop wars, bloodshed, loss of decent lives, destruction, loss of invaluable time, efforts and limited resources could have been used for good to move Libya and the Libyans forward through far-sighted policies and visions like the rest of the industrial, productive, well developed and civil world, instead of being hallucinated, corrupted, subverted, brainwashed, abused and taken advantage of by the entire opportune crooks of the world who are surviving on wars, destruction, bloodshed and waist of limited resources and economies. Enough is Enough, Wars and Destruction. Give Peace A Chance for every Living Creature to grow and enjoy life responsibly.

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