Call for Proposals: Micro Grants for Women

Call for Proposals: Micro Grants Engagement for women inmates rehabilitation program

In recognition of political and security developments in Libya and related opportunities to enhance stability in Tripoli and avert the further erosion of institutional capacities, UNSMIL and UNDP are supporting the efforts of the Ministry of Interior, Libyan police and criminal justice institutions to advance security and the rule of law in Libya starting from capital city Tripoli.

Based on the importance of the rehabilitation programs for inmates, UNSMIL and UNDP are launching a call for proposals for NGO's to support with the rehabilitation programs for female inmates in Al-Jedeida prison, Tripoli.

This program will focus on psychological support for inmates and skills training including vocational and administrative.

Expected outcomes:

Rehabilitation of (76) female inmates in Al-Jedeida prison/ Tripoli provided with through:

·         Promote a better culture of self-acceptance for inmates through

·         Enabling inmates with skills and professions that enable them to support themselves, whether they are in prison or after their release through a vocational training program.

·         Starting a production line from inside the prison.


The project budget should not exceed $30,450 and within four months. The amount requested should be commensurate with the organization's administrative and financial management capabilities.


The NGO should submit the following documents:

1.       Full proposal indicating the proposed detailed action plan for expected activities

2.       Organizational structure, staffing with experts in psychosocial counseling and trainers on skills identified with enough experience in each field identified.

3.       Project Monitoring & Evaluation plan

4.       Risk Matrix

5.       Deliverable based detailed budget breakdown

6.       NGO can apply to implement certain phase or for all phases and the evaluation will be done for each phase

For detailed information download the Terms of Reference.

 Any queries form grant recipients to be submitted no later than 10 March 2020.

Final submission deadline 20 March 2020.

Proposal to be submitted electronically to [email protected]

More here.

(Source: UNDP)

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