How COVID-19 Affects Women in Libya?

By Hala Bugaighis, Co-Founder at Jusoor Center for Studies and Development.

"Peace is not just the absence of war. Many women under lockdown for #COVID19 face violence where they should be safest: in their own homes. Today I appeal for peace in homes around the world. I urge all governments to put women's safety first as they respond to the pandemic."

By this statement, the UN Secretary-General highlighted last week the importance of developing response plans and policies to protect women who are subject to domestic violence during the lockdown period.

This week, the European Parliament Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality issued a statement on stopping the rise of domestic violence during the lockdown and urged all member states to provide victims with flexible tools to report abuse and violence protection facilities and shelters must be increased to tackle this issue during this time of crisis.

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