Video: Is Khalifa Haftar losing in Libya?

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Warlord Khalifa Haftar wants to control Libya. His battle to do just that could be reaching a turning point - but not in his favour.

He launched his offensive to capture the capital Tripoli more than a year ago. It is where the internationally-recognised government is based. Forces loyal to that Government of National Accord, or GNA, say they're regaining ground.

They've captured several towns around Tripoli and are advancing towards Tarhuna, an important base for supporting Haftar's forces. Fighting has intensified in recent weeks despite the spread of covid-19.

That's as countries continue to supply Libya's rival powers with weapons, despite a United Nations arms embargo. So, how will all this shape Libya's future?


Adrian Finighan


Claudia Gazzini, senior analyst on Libya at the International Crisis Group.

Noufal Abboud, executive director at The Nordic Center for Conflict Transformation.

Salah Elbakkoush, former adviser to the Libyan High Council of State.

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