Using Tech in Improve Waste Management in Libya

By Osama Mansour, Head of Exploration at UNDP's Accelerator Lab in Libya.

Is technological innovation the key to improve Solid Waste Management? An ingredient that the Accelerator Lab in Libya is testing.

Charles Kettering once said: "A problem well stated is half solved."

The Accelerator Lab in Libya has dig deep to understand the complex issue of Solid Waste Management (SWM) in Libya

We have gathered SWM different stakeholders in Libya to try to find the root cause of seeing in the streets of our cities, garbage piled every day.

Stephen R. Covey stated: "Seek first to understand and then to be understood" - This is the motto of our Lab to make an effective and efficient difference.

Together with these stakeholders we identified the gaps that UNDP Libya can fill in, intervening, testing and scaling up to make significant improvements in the solid waste management system in Libya.

Our main conclusion so far is that one prominent missing piece from the waste management system in Libya is the use of technology to improve services delivery.

Hence, we started thinking about what we can do about it, and whether we should just purchase from the shelf or engage with various software developers to find an effective product.

Full story here.

(Source: UN)

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