NOC, OMV support Ajdabiya Hospital

On Sunday, June 21, 2020, the Department of Sustainable Development delivered two containers (40 and 20 feet) loaded with a number of medical devices, including resuscitators, cardiographs, monitoring the patient's vital functions, blood oxygen meters, and other devices of importance in intensive care and patient detection devices for all departments such as women, newborns, children and adults departments, in addition to some medical equipment for the laboratory, such as the initial blood analysis device, as well as medical supplies such as sterile gloves, operating uniforms, masks, dressings, and cotton pads.

The Department of Sustainable Development had previously delivered two containers (40 feet) on March 1, 2020, and March 3, 2020, for Martyr Muhammad al-Maqarif Hospital, loaded with surgical supplies and medical tools.

In the context of the efforts made by the National Oil Corporation and its partners to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic, the steering council of the municipality of Ajdabiya was delivered on the same day a number of protection materials such as masks and gloves, protection uniforms of all kinds, glasses, and thermometers in addition to sanitizers and medical alcohol.

The ceremony was attended by Mr. Mubarak Al-Menfi, head of the Steering Council of the Municipality of Ajdabiya, Mr. Maraie Al-Qabsi, Director of Health Services Department of the Municipal Council, and Mr. Mohamed Al-Jehani, representing the Department of Sustainable Development at the National Oil Corporation.

(Source: NOC)

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