Libya is Biggest North African Beneficiary of EU Fund

By John Lee.

As part of the EU's global response to the coronavirus outbreak, the EU - through its Emergency Trust Fund for Africa (EUTF) - has adopted today a new assistance package to protect migrants, stabilise local communities and respond to COVID-19 in North Africa.

Libya remains the biggest beneficiary under the North of Africa window of the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa, with €455 million in programmes, with the majority going to protection of migrants and refugees and community stabilisation, alongside actions for border management.

As part of the EU's comprehensive approach and support on migration in Libya, three new programmes adopted today will improve the resilience of both Libyans and migrants for the health challenges arising from the coronavirus pandemic.

In Tunisia, two new programmes will strengthen support to migrants and the most vulnerable groups, who may be particularly hard hit by the current crisis.

A new €10 million COVID-19 fast track emergency response programme has also been adopted to support the most vulnerable populations in North Africa tackling their emergency needs as well as the social and economic consequences of the crisis in order to contribute to the national efforts already in place.

Other regional initiatives have been decided: A €3.7 million regional child protection programme, with a focus on Libya and Egypt, has been adopted to improve the protection and expand access to sustainable solutions for unaccompanied and separated children and youth along the Central Mediterranean Route. €6.5 million was also adopted to fund a Technical Cooperation Facility to ensure effective monitoring and evaluations of all the actions implemented under the North Africa window of the EU Emergency Trust Fund of Africa.

(Source: EU)

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