Better Access to Social Services for Peaceful Coexistence

The Stabilization Facility for Libya helps 3 million people to enjoy better access to social services and better conditions for peaceful coexistence

Partners of the United Nations Development Programme's Stabilization Facility for Libya (SFL), including Libyan authorities and members of the international community, met to assess progress thus far and to discuss continued support to stabilization of conflict affected communities to improve the lives of people in Libya and provide services where they are most needed in this particular time of COVID-19 pandemic.

With support of 13 international partners including Canada, Denmark, the European Union, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States of America and the Government of Libya through the Ministry of Planning, and implemented by UNDP, the SFL works towards a national goal of strengthening the legitimate and internationally recognized state authorities and fostering national unity for all Libyans.

SFL projects have renovated damaged public infrastructure, such as hospitals and schools, and provided essential equipment such as ambulances and water pumps. Furthermore, the SFL's local partners have advised and trained communities and municipal authorities to analyze and monitor conflict risks and to mediate threats as they arise.

Additionally, the Facility is creating opportunities for peaceful reconciliation locally through community conflict monitoring and reduction. Today, 3 million people enjoy better access to social services and better conditions for peaceful coexistence. With support from international partners and the Government of Libya, the SFL adapted its programmes to support Libya address COVID-19 pandemic.

During the meeting, Mr. Gerardo Noto, UNDP Resident Representative in Libya stated: '

"Since its inception, The Stabilization Facility for Libya emerged as unique multi-donor instrument which serves as a powerful flagship for demonstrating the political and practical intent of the international community and Libyan partners.

"Throughout the years, it has proven its added value. The commitment, flexibility and collaborative spirit of all the partners involved have brought about concrete benefits in the lives of people in the East, West and South of the country. We must continue efforts to bring this support to more people across Libya with a focus on most affected and vulnerable".

Dr. Taher Jehaimi, Minister of Planning, declared:

"This meeting is taking place at a particular moment when Libya is facing the current difficult context requires the development of a clear vision of the SFL in order to ensure a continued implementation of activities and enable people to return to normal life.

"We would like to thank the international community for its continued support and reassure our commitment to pursue our partnership for the coming period. The Government of Libya confirms its support to the SFL by providing additional financial support and will continue to look for venues for additional funding to the Facility."

(Source: UNDP)

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