UN Welcomes Resumption of Flights to Southern Libya

UNSMIL welcomes the decision by the Libyan Civil Aviation Authority (LCAA) on 4 November 2020 to permit the resumption of flights to all airports in the Southern region of Libya.

This decision is a product of the confidence that has been built as a result of the October 23 ceasefire agreement and the follow-up talks of the Joint Military Commission in Ghadames on 2-4 November.

Amid these positive developments, the Mission notes with great concern that between 1 and 5 November, a number of individuals from the east who travelled to Tripoli were arbitrarily arrested by armed groups. At least one person was followed to his destination in Tripoli and then arrested, others were allegedly arrested at the airport upon arrival.

UNSMIL reiterates that all Libyan citizens have the right to freedom of movement. Any illegal infringement of this right is a serious violation of Libya's obligations under international law.

The Mission believes that these actions aim to sabotage the good faith efforts to bring Libyans together, following the ceasefire agreement, and calls for the immediate release of those arbitrarily detained with the freedom of movement fully respected for all Libyans

(Source: UN)

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