Schlumberger will continue Technical Assistance to Libya

By John Lee.

NOC Chairman Mustafa Sanalla met with Oliver Le Peuch, Chief Executive Officer of Schlumberger, via video conference from Houston, in the presence of Mr. Abulgasem Shengeer Member of the Board of Directors for Exploration and Production, Mr. Elamari Mohamed Member of the Board of Directors for Financial and Administrative Affairs, Mr. Abulaid Salem General Manager of Financial Department, Mr. Trareq Rezq the director for Middle East and North Africa, Mr. Reda Alkalkouli Chief Executive Officer for North Africa Region and Mr. Nabil Azouz Manager of Schlumberger Libya Branch.

The meeting discussed developing mutual cooperation between the two parties as a series of intensive meetings will be performed with the operating companies to discuss the production increase technologies, the well intervention and improved oil recovery utilizing the latest technologies available.

A review of long term shut in wells in order to restore their production. NOC requested the Schlumberger specialists to conduct meetings with the operating companies and the NOC concerned departments to hold discussions in this regard.

Sanalla mentioned the key role that Schlumberger had played during the last few years considering it as one of the most important service companies in the oil and gas sector which have significantly supported the production of oil and gas.

He also appreciated the role which the company plays in developing the human resources and launching the training center which will begin its training programs during the first quarter of 2021 in Benghazi city.

For his part, Mr. Oliver Le Peuch expressed his happiness for the achievements made by NOC and its subsidiaries in reaching the current production rates and confirmed that Schlumberger is intending to provide technical assistance and work on providing its services in the entire oil fields and locations.

(Source: National Oil Corporation)

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