Production Resumes at Waha Oil Company

Resuming production of Waha Oil Company after the completion of the necessary maintenance on the 32-inch Pipeline connecting the fields of Samah - Dhahra - to Es-Sider Terminal

The National Oil Corporation (NOC) has announces that the Waha Oil Company has completed the necessary maintenance of the main crude oil pipeline connecting the Samah, Dhahra fields to Ed-Sider terminal, which has been started on January 17, 2021 for six consecutive days and in very difficult conditions, where the welding and installation of 72 joints have been completed due to the lack of budget that ensure the safety of the NOC's assets, which we have already expressed on many occasions.

The maintenance teams worked for long hours to achieve the objectives in record time, where this work were planned to be completed within two weeks. However and in order to reduce the looses NOC instructed the company to minimize the time to the shortest possible and to do its best efforts to carry out required maintenance within one week time by assigning enough teams.
Whereas the company responded to these directives, the work has been completed in a record time not exceeding six days, and thank God that yesterday evening the pipeline was back to operation and the production gradually resumed.

In this regard, the NOC Chairman and members of the Board of Directors thanks and appreciate the Management Committee of Waha Oil Company and all the employees for their dedication and the hard work, without stopping until the required works have been completed in a limited time.

It is noteworthy that the lack of budgets to maintain the assets of the NOC has led us to reduce the production. This is the responsibility of those who are obstructing the monetization of budgets, which cost the Public Treasury losses also to lose sales opportunities due to these interruptions that will be repeated because of the old infrastructure and the lack of the required budgets, which are referred to the authorities as a budget and an annual work program, but unfortunately, it was reduced or not approval.

With all this, the National Oil Corporation, expresses its deep regret over what happened to the infrastructure of the national oil sector, and strongly calls for dealing with the livelihood of Libyans responsibly, also the need to provide the required budget and allocate it on time and on a regular basis, otherwise, it will could lead to a halt in production in other locations, as what Waha suffers today, is happening daily with many other companies, and It could lead to a shutdown of the production for most of other fields.

(Source: National Oil Corporation)

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