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Video: Ultra-Low-Altitude Air Force MiG

While not exactly 'business news', this footage is worth watching; YouTube has published a video of a Free Libyan Air Force MiG-23ML jet flying just feet above the ground. Libya Business News cannot verify the authenticity of this footage:

Fuel Smugglers Killed by Security Forces

Libya Herald reports that 13 the smugglers are said to have been killed on Friday when the Libyan air force attacked their convoy near Ghadames, on the border with Tunisia and Algeria. A fighter plane on border reconnaissance patrol is reported to have spotted the six fuel trucks some eight kilometres from the border -- […]

Libyan air force set for major upgrade

Libya’s dilapidated air force is set to be substantially enhanced under plans announced by the air force chief of staff, Saqr Geroushi. Geroushi disclosed that under the proposals, special consideration has been given to those countries which supported Libya during last year’s revolution, including France, the United Kingdom and the United States. The air force […]