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90% of Planes at Tripoli Airport Destroyed

Shelling of Tripoli airport has destroyed an estimated 90 percent of the planes parked there, according to Reuters. Government spokesman Ahmed Lamine said on Tuesday that the government has studied the possibility of calling in international forces to help with security. It was not immediately clear how many planes were destroyed, but the airport serves […]

Foreign Nationals Cannot Enter via Labraq Airport

Libya Herald reports that foreign nationals will no longer be able to enter Libya via Beida’s Labraq Airport (pictured) due to concerns about security. The airport is currently being used by airlines affected by the closure of Benghazi’s Benina Airport, including Libyan Airlines, Afriqiyah Airlines, Tunisair and Buraq Air. The Libyan Civil Aviation Authority (LCAA) […]

Tunisair to Fly to Al Abraq

Libya Herald reports that Tunisair, the national airline of Tunisia, is to start twice weekly flights between Tunis and Beida Labraq Airport [Al Abraq, Al Bayda] in Eastern Libya. The Tuesday flight will depart from Tunis at 1015, with the return flight departing from Labraq at 1350 hrs. The Thursday service will leave Tunis at […]