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UK praises NOC’s role in Preserving Libyan Livelihoods

National Oil Corporation (NOC) chairman Mustafa Sanalla received His Excellency United Kingdom Ambassador to Libya, Mr Frank Baker, on November 26, 2018, at NOC headquarters in Tripoli. Ambassador Baker stressed the importance of international community and Libyan institutional support for NOC as the country’s primary source of income, praising the corporation and its board for […]

NOC, BPMC re-open Al Samriyat School in Zawiya

The Al Samriyat School in Zawiya has been re-opened, following the completion of repairs by the National Oil Corporation (NOC) and Brega Petroleum Marketing Company (BPMC) - in accordance with NOC’s sustainable development framework in areas neighbouring oil facilities. The local population expressed their thanks for the initiative and appreciation of the repairs to an […]

New Oil Tenders

By John Lee. The National Oil Corporation (NOC) has advertised new tenders: Construction of oil spill response centre at Tobruk Terminal (Project No-P-25), Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO) Water Injection system at (Kotla) Beda field Project No. O-77, Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO) Various, Sirte Oil Company (SOC) Repair Floating Roof Tanks Numbers (397-398) At […]

NOC, BPMC developing Alternative Plans for Fuel Distribution

The National Oil Corporation (NOC) and Brega Petroleum Marketing Co (BPMC) are studying the events in the south of Tripoli and developing alternative plans for the distribution of fuel should clashes continue. NOC and BPMC emphasise the availability of fuel, despite violent clashes witnessed over the last few days. A fuel supply contingency plan was […]

NOC condemns threats by ‘Smuggling Gangs’

NOC condemns threats by ‘smuggling gangs’ against Brega chairman Imad Benkoura The board of the National Oil Corporation (NOC) has condemned in the strongest terms threats by armed militia in Tripoli against Brega Petroleum Marketing Company (BPMC) chairman Imad Benkoura. Tripoli militia threatened Mr Benkoura in an attempt to force him to review the decision […]

Brega Petroleum welcomes New Chairman

By John Lee. Mr Imad Benkoura took up his duties today as the new chairman of the Brega Petroleum Marketing Company (BPMC) management committee, succeeding Dr Fouad Belrhaim, in accordance with National Oil Corporation’s (NOC) resolution on the restructuring of the company's management committee; dated July 19, 2018. Mr Benkoura previously excelled as chairman of […]

New Oil Tenders

By John Lee. The National Oil Corporation (NOC) has advertised new tenders: Feasibility studies, Brega Petroleum Marketing Company (BPMC) (Source: National Oil Corporation) (Picture: Call for tender written on a folder, from Olivier Le Moal/Shutterstock)

New Oil Tenders

By John Lee. The National Oil Corporation (NOC) has advertised new tenders: Domestic Waste Treatment and Disposal Services at Mellitah Complex, Mellitah Oil & Gas Sand removal and cleaning for all stations along oil and gas pipeline from Wafa field to Mellitah complex, Mellitah Oil & Gas Construction of laboratory building at Tobruk refinery, Arabian […]