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Libya’s World Heritage Sites put on Danger List

UNESCO's World Heritage Committee has placed the five World Heritage sites of Libya on the List of World Heritage in Danger because of damage caused by the conflict affecting the country and the threat of further damage it poses. The five sites are: Archaeological Site of Cyrene (pictured); Archaeological Site of Leptis Magna; Archaeological Site […]

Italian Firm set to Double Infrastructure Contract

Libya Herald reports that an $31-million contract to improve and upgrade infrastructure and utilities in the eastern town of Cyrene is being extended by the local authority, with its value set to more than double. Italian firm Ravanelli said the specifics of the contract were still under discussion but that it anticipated the project having […]

UNESCO supports Libyan Heritage with $2m Project

Libya Herald reports that UNESCO is to provide $2.26 million, in conjunction with the Libyan and Italian governments, for a two-year project to conserve historic sites, establish conservation laboratories and train more security staff to protect the country’s treasures. Roni Amelan, spokesman for UNESCO, told the news agency that projects would focus on training heritage […]

Libya Promotes its Tourism Potential

At the 33rd annual World Travel Market (WTM) trade show in London, the Libya Export Promotion Centre presented the country's tourism and cultural attractions and was very well received. In a survey of 1,300 tourism chiefs attending the conference, 56 percent said Libya had the potential to become a top tourist destination, with just 10% […]

Tourism and Leisure in the new Libya

To anyone who has visited Leptis Magna, Sebratha, Cyrene and some of the fascinating towns in its vast desert interior, the rich culture and heritage of Libya is blindingly obvious.  Add to that the unspoilt 2000km coastline dotted with numerous beaches, the natural beauty of the Jebel Al-Akhdar (Green Mountains) in the east of the […]