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Libya's vast oil potential is still in the grip of flux

Restoration of production to pre-war levels just four months after Col Muammar Gaddafi was killed in the desert has been hailed by the Western backers of the new government. However recent developments have provoked warnings that mismanagement could force the industry into long-term decline. Arabian Gulf Oil Co, the country's largest producer with a near […]

Global Witness Calls For Libya To Learn From Gadhafi-Era Audit‎

International anti-corruption group Global Witness said Libya’s new government should learn from an audit conducted by the former regime into mismanagement and graft in the country’s oil sector. The audit, obtained by Global Witness and released on its website, outlines mismanagement to the tune of millions of dollars by the National Oil Co. and the […]

Leaked Gaddafi-era documents expose the need for urgent oil reforms

Global Witness has obtained Gaddafi-era documents that detail the mismanagement of millions of dollars of Libyan oil revenues and highlight murky practices by Libya's state-owned National Oil Company (NOC).   The revelations, contained in a report published in its entirety today by Global Witness titled “An Annual Report by the Control Board for 2010” (the “Report”), […]