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LFJL calls for surrender of Gaddafi, Al-Werfalli, Al-Tuhamy to ICC

From Lawyers for Justice in Libya (LFJL): On 2 November 2018, the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) stated that efforts to hold Saif Gaddafi (Gaddafi), Mahmoud Al-Werfalli (Al-Werfalli) and Al-Tuhamy Khaled (Al-Tuhamy) to account will be “rendered ineffective” unless the international community takes “all necessary steps to effect the arrest and surrender of […]

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi "to run for Libya President"

By John Lee. Muammar Gaddafi's son, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, is reported to be planning to run for President in the next Libyan elections, according to a spokesperson for the Libyan Popular Front party. Gaddafi, who is wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC), was sentenced to death in absentia by a court in Tripoli in […]

Interpol issues "Red Notice" for LNA Major

By John Lee. Interpol has issued a "Red Notice" for Mahmoud Mustafa Busayf Al-Werfalli (pictured), who is wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) on seven counts of "murder as a war crime". According to Libya Herald, the Major in the Libyan National Army (LNA) is accused of summary executions of suspected terrorists. Meanwhile, the Libyan […]

Tawerghans Barred from Returning Home

From Human Rights Watch. Armed groups and civilian authorities in the Libyan coastal city of Misrata are blocking thousands of people from the town of Tawergha from returning to their hometown after seven years of forced displacement. Two men have died following strokes since February 1, 2018, in the deteriorating conditions for families stranded in […]

Commander Apparently Filmed Committing Extrajudicial Executions

From Amnesty International. Responding to reports that Mahmoud al-Werfalli, former Field Commander of the Special Forces Brigade (Al-Saiqa) affiliated to the Libyan National Army (LNA) and a war crimes suspect wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC), extrajudicially executed 10 people in Benghazi, Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa Director, Heba Morayef, said: “The […]

International Criminal Court to Prioritise Libya

The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Fatou Bensouda (pictured), has presented her 14th report on Libya to the United Nations Security Council. In her address to the UNSC, she said Libya will remain a priority for her Office in 2018. Statement to the United Nations Security Council on the Situation in Libya, pursuant […]

ICC may Investigate Migrant-Related Crimes in Libya

The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) today told the United Nations Security Council that her Office is considering launching an investigation into alleged migrant-related crimes in Libya, including human trafficking. “My Office continues to collect and analyze information relating to serious and widespread crimes allegedly committed against migrants attempting to transit through Libya,” […]

ICC Unseals Warrant for Arrest for Al-Tuhamy

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has unsealed the warrant of arrest for Al-Tuhamy Mohamed Khaled, who is allegedly responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity in the context of the situation in Libya in 2011. The decision to unseal the warrant of arrest was delivered upon the ICC Prosecutor's request submitting that "reclassifying the […]