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UN Condemns Disruption of Water and Electricity Supply

Statement by Yacoub El Hillo (pictured), Humanitarian Coordinator in Libya, on the disruption of water and electricity supply More than two million people, including 600,000 children, who live in Tripoli and surrounding towns and cities, are suffering from water cuts for almost a week now. The water supply, part of the Great Man-Made River, was […]

Water Supplies Restored to Tripoli

By John Lee. Water supplies have reportedly been restored to Tripoli's 2.5 million residents, two days after a water control station in Jabal al-Hasawna, southwestern Libya, was deliberately shut down, cutting off water supply from the Great Man-Made River (GMMR). The UN Humanitarian Coordinator, Maria Ribeiro, condemned the cutting off of supplies: “Such attacks against […]

Agreement on Use of Nubian Aquifer

Libya, Egypt, Chad and Sudan have signed a strategic action plan to improve their management of water resources, and in particular of the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer. The aquifer, which lies below the four countries, is the largest fossil aquifer in the world. It covers 772,000 square miles at a depth of 1,600-2,500 feet under the […]

Desalination Plants and Reservoirs to be Built

Water Resources Minister Hadi Hinshir [Abubaker Alhanishri] said on Wednesday that the water supply in Tripoli would be restored by either Thursday night or Friday. Pumping of the Man-Made River water from the south of Libya had started last Saturday, with water reaching Tarhuna and Misrata. He added that 30 companies had been tasked with […]