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Libyan Media in Times of Crises

UNESCO: The Role of Libyan Media and its Responsibility in times of Crises In discussions facilitated by UNESCO and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Spain, senior managers and owners from ten Libyan media outlets, including television, print, radio and online media based both inside the country and in the region have jointly […]

New Report: Media's Role in Shaping Libyan Security

The Role of Media in Shaping Libya's Security Sector Narratives During and after Libya’s revolution, national media outlets became known and popular for their balanced reporting. The situation in the few years since has changed, however. The security landscape in Libya today is a confusing array of institutional and non-institutional actors each asserting legitimacy. The […]

Opening New Doors for Libyan Journalists

Enabled through UNESCO’s Regional Programmes that promote an enabling environment for freedom of expression, thirty Libyan journalists currently residing in Tunisia have just started an intensive communication and English skills training course at the British Council in Tunis to build their speaking and writing skills. Lasting nine weeks until end April 2015, the course will […]

Media Conference for Libya Western Region

The Mass Media Conference, a three day event for journalists kicked off in the Peoples Conference Hall in Tripoli with the participation of over 150 persons related to media from all over the western region. Journalists from the different cities addressed the conference highlighting a few of the challenges media personnel are facing in the […]