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Political Isolation Law: Magarief Resigns

The President of Libya’s General National Congress, Mohamed Magarief [Magariaf] has submitted his resignation as a result of the controversial law banning all those who worked in senior posts with Gaddafi’s regime. Critics of the so-called ‘political isolation’ law say it is unconstitutional, but Mr. Magarief said in a speech at a plenary session of […]

Conflicting Reports of Attack on Magarief

The head of Libya's parliament, Mohamed Magarief [Magariaf] (pictured), was reportedly unharmed following an assassination attempt in Sabha [Sebha], 800km south of Tripoli. Libya Herald reports that gunmen fired at a hotel, understood to be the Fezzan, on Friday evening, injuring three of his guards. The President and members of a GNC delegation were present […]

Libyan President of National Congress Condemns Killing of US Ambassador

Mohamed Magariaf, Libyan President of National Congress (NG) condemned the killing of the American Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens in Libya as a result of an attack on the American consulate in Benghazi. He said that the National Congress and the Transitional Government “condemn the criminal aggression” on the US consulate. “While we strongly condemn any attempts […]

Libyan official lauds UAE’s support

Mohamed Yousef Al Magariaf, Chairman of Libya’s General National Congress, has paid tribute to the UAE’s leadership for the assistance it offered to Libyan nationals during and after the Libyan revolution. At a meeting with the UAE Ambassador to Libya on Saturday, Saeed Obeid Al Ka’abi, the Libyan top official expressed his desire to draw lessons […]