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Why not Libya? - by H.E. Mr. Daeshick Jo

Having grown up in Korea during the 70’s when Korea just started its process of democratisation and economic development after going through its colonial era and war, I can find striking similarities between the challenges that Libya is currently facing and that of Korea from a few decades ago. Libya made history by its revolution […]


Opinion: The Battle to Recover Libya's Looted Wealth

It was corruption at the fruit market, where a fruit vendor set himself ablaze after being exploited by police, that ignited the revolution that overthrew Tunisia’s Ben Ali and started what became to be known as the “Arab Spring “. In Libya, corruption pervaded and distorted society and impeded economic growth. University graduates who could […]


Libya’s southern neighbours face uncertain funding future

Lingering animosity between Libya’s new transitional government and the country’s sub-Saharan neighbours has led some to worry that the region’s energy development could be stifled by a shift in focus northwards. While Libya and its southern neighbours do not share any substantial transport lines that might affect Central Africa’s export capabilities, many have looked to […]