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Training on Medicines Forecasting and Quantification

Training on medicines forecasting and quantification organised in Libya thanks to the EU The training of pharmacists from two hospitals, 12 primary health care centers and 12 primary health care units in Tobruk municipality took place on 25-26 Dec 2018. Tobruk is one of the six selected municipalities in Libya benefitting from the ongoing training […]

Workshop for Situational Analysis of the Pharmaceutical Sector

WHO Workshop for Situational Analysis of the Pharmaceutical Sector in Libya The EU-funded WHO project “Strengthening Health Information System and Medical Supply Chain Management (SHAMS)” is currently conducting a situational analysis of the pharmaceutical sector in Libya. The assessment is taking place between 12th - 16th November 2017 at the National Centre for Disease control […]

Sanofi Pharma Plant for Ajdabiya?

French pharmaceutical company Sanofi is reported to be considering building a factory in Libya to produce drugs for diabetes and blood pressure problems. The project, to be based south of Ajedabia [Ajdabiya], would provide many jobs in the area. (Source: Libya Investment)