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Video: Leptis Magna: Libya's Forgotten Ancient City

From The Telegraph. Any opinions expressed are those of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Libya Business News. For over 900 years Leptis Magna – once the pride of the Roman Empire in Africa – lay hidden, forgotten by man, beneath Libya’s sand dunes. Now, excavated and magnificent on a promontory overlooking […]

Libya Counts on Tourism to Help Rebuild

Libya's Ministry of Tourism has enlisted UNWTO to help implement an action plan to rebuild its tourism sector as an effective way to increase national revenue, create employment, foster national cohesion and enhance the county’s international image. A UNWTO mission led by Secretary-General Taleb Rifai made a first approach on the specific needs of the […]

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Jordan, Libya Discuss Cooperation on Tourism

Jordan's Minister of Planning and Tourism, Ibrahim Saif, has met with Libya's Tourism Minister, Ekram Pasha, to discussed cooperation in the tourism sector. According to the report from Zawya, during the meeting the Jordanian side expressed its keenness to provide Libya with legislative assistance and technical training to boost its tourism industry. The Libyan Minister […]

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After dictatorship, war Libya looks to rebuild tourism

From the top of the magnificently preserved Roman amphitheater here, one can see the glimmering blue waters of the Mediterranean, where across the sea in Rome an emperor made this city a showcase of his empire. The large market is framed by arches and ancient measurements for fabrics are etched clearly into stone. Colonnaded and […]

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Arab Spring is "unique opportunity" for tourism

The revolutions in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya have created a “unique opportunity” for tourism said Taleb Rifai, secretary general, UN World Tourism Organisation. Rifai told a seminar at World Travel Market on The Future of Tourism in the Middle East that the new political climate would create a stronger environment for tourism to blossom. “We […]

Tourism and Leisure in the new Libya

To anyone who has visited Leptis Magna, Sebratha, Cyrene and some of the fascinating towns in its vast desert interior, the rich culture and heritage of Libya is blindingly obvious.  Add to that the unspoilt 2000km coastline dotted with numerous beaches, the natural beauty of the Jebel Al-Akhdar (Green Mountains) in the east of the […]