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Uganda to send 1,000 Medical Workers to Libya

By John Lee. Uganda is reportedly planning to send about 1,000 medical workers to Libya. Milton Turyasiima, commissioner of employment services at the Ugandan Ministry for Labour, told Reuters, "our diplomatic people are trying to first establish the safety of the workers, the working conditions in Benghazi ... If they finish that work today or […]

Libya, Uganda in Legal Row over Telecom Company

By John Lee. Africanews reports that the Libyan government has warned the Ugandan government over its move last month to repossess the Libyan government's shares in Uganda Telecom Limited (UTL). Libya's state-owned UCom had held 69-percent of the shares in UTL since 2010, with the Ugandan state owning the remaining 31 percent; the Libyan Post, […]

Ugandan Govt takes over Uganda Telecom

By John Lee. The government of Uganda has reportedly taken back the ownership of Uganda Telecom (UTL) with immediate effect, following what has been described as the "withdrawal" of Libya's state-owned UCom, which held 69-percent of the shares in UTL. The Ugandan state owned the remaining 31 percent. According to NTV, Uganda's Minister of Finance […]

LPTIC Chairman discusses UTL with Ugandan President

The Libyan Post, Telecommunication and Information Technology Holding Company (LPTIC) has said that the company’s chairman held positive talks with Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni over the future of Uganda-based telecoms operator UTL. Dr. Faisel Gergab said that discussions with the President focused on the transformation plan to turn the company around, significantly boosting the company’s […]

LAP GreenN’s Fall from Grace was Utterly Avoidable

From Sami Redwan.  Any opinions expressed are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Libya Business News. The telecoms provider LAP GreenN’s fall from grace has been nothing short of spectacular. Established in 2007 with a total investment capital of over US$1 billion, LAP GreenN is wholly owned by the […]

LAP-Tripoli Hits at "Poorly Managed" LAP GreenN

The Tripoli-based leadership of the Libyan African Investment Portfolio (LAP), which owns LAP GreenN, said in a statement on Monday that it was "unable to continue to fund a poorly managed LAP GreenN." LAP CEO Mohsen Derregia, said: “LAP GreenN received US$ 208 million from LAP between November 2011, when Ahmed Kashadah and Wafiq Shater […]

Libya to Inject Cash into UTL

Uganda Telecom Limited (UTL) has been given two months, and a cash injection of $56 million from the Libyan state, to sort out its problems. In an interview with The Monitor in Kampala, Libyan Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister Mr Mohammed Dayri said he had agreed with the Ugandan government to re-examine the telecom […]

Uganda, Libya Sign Trade MoU

Libya and Uganda have signed a memorandum of understanding to bolster trade and tourism among the two nations, reports New Vision. "Just like in many other nations, there is still no official Libyan ambassador to Uganda, but we are optimistic that soon this issue will be sorted out so that we can boost trade and […]