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New Career Opportunities in Libya

By John Lee. The following career opportunities in Libya have been recently advertised: ICT Assistant, WHO - World Health Organization Project Assistant (Site Management), Danish Refugee Council (DRC) Project Support Team Leader ( Site Management), Danish Refugee Council (DRC) Safety Coordinator, Danish Refugee Council (DRC) Education Officer, UNICEF (Source: UN) (Picture: Finger pressing a new career start […]

New Horizons for Libya’s Health Sector

Six years of armed conflict and political instability have affected almost every part of Libya, claiming thousands of lives and leaving thousands more injured. Beyond the immediate casualties, the ongoing insecurity and violence has disrupted access to public utilities and services, with a dramatic impact on public health facilities. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) 2017 […]

WHO Advertises Job in Tripoli

The United Nations (UN) has advertised a new job in Libya. Please click on the following link for further details: National Professional Officer (Tripoli), World Health Organisation (WHO). (Source: UN) (Recruitment image via Shutterstock)

Vast Stockpile of Expired Medicines

Wafa Ghiryani, Chairperson of the Commission to Dispose of Expired Medicines at the health ministry of the Tripoli-based government, has told Turkey's Anadolu news agency that over 100,000 tonnes of expired medicines have accumulated in Libyan hospitals. She is quoted by Middle East Monitor as saying that hospitals import drugs directly, not through the Ministry […]

Korea gives $1.2m Humanitarian Assistance to Libya

UN System in Libya and Republic of Korea Commit to strengthen the Humanitarian Assistance to Libya The Korean Government has contributed USD 1.18 million to support the humanitarian assistance to Libya. The contribution aims at augmenting the United Nations’ ongoing involvement to address the humanitarian needs resulting from the armed conflict in Libya. The Ambassador […]

New Mental Health Support Programme

A new mental health programme is ready to transform Libya’s institution-based approach to a community-based approach to mental health care. Decades of neglect and the 2011 conflict have left Libya’s mental health system in tatters, with only 12 psychiatrists, and services highly centralized at the two psychiatric hospitals in the country’s two largest cities, Tripoli […]

Over $80m Spent in Health Sector

Health Minister Dr Nouredine Doughman [Noureldeen Dagman] has said that his Ministry has spent over LD 100 million [$80 million], but that much of this is not immediately obvious as it has been spent on things such as lifts, air conditions, housing for medical staff, etc.. He also revealed that the latest tender for the […]