Kobler: 'Move Ahead Now, or Risk Division and Collapse"

“The overwhelming majority want and deserve peace – now,” Mr. Kobler insisted. “Some of those politically responsible on both sides, however, still refuse to listen to the voices of the Libyan people and pursue their own narrow political interests. In my last briefing to the Security Council, I promised to broaden the basis of support to the Libyan Political Agreement.”

He underlined that with his colleagues and the international community, they have persistently reached out to those who are opposing the Libyan Political Agreement. “However, until now we are unable to convince them to go the way of peace and unity,” he reported.

Latest political update

On 15 January, the Presidency Council presented a cabinet for approval by the House of Representatives. The House of Representatives voted to endorse the Libyan Political Agreement in principle, but it requested the Presidency Council nominate a new and smaller cabinet, he said.

After days of deliberations, on 14 February the Presidency Council finalized a new list of candidates for a streamlined cabinet. On 22 February, the House of Representatives met to consider the Presidency Council's second cabinet. However, its session was interrupted by a minority of parliamentarians who opposed the vote, and who, Mr. Kobler explained, resorted to threats and intimidation preventing the majority to freely express its vote.

“Nonetheless, this majority gathered 100 signatures in support of endorsement of the new cabinet and its programme,” he continued. “I am convinced that a positive vote could have taken place on 22 February, had the leadership of the House of Representatives shown the resolve and determination to put the Government of National Accord to a vote.”

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