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Libya Drives Egypt's First Exports Rise for 6 mths

Data from Egypt's Department of Industry and Commerce shows that demand from Libya is responsible for the country's first increase in exports in six months. Ahmed El-Zeini, head of construction material division in Cairo's chamber of commerce, said, "Libya started to import large quantities of Egyptian cement, taking advantage of the lower costs, since it […]

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LISCO Restarts Hot Strip Mill

Platts reports that the Libyan Iron and Steel Company (LISCO) has restarted its hot strip mill (pictured) in recent weeks. Sliman Biram, Lisco’s director of commerce and finance, confirmed that the plant will now be able to supply flat steel products. The mill in the city of Misurata stopped production in February of last year […]

LISCO Misurata Resumes Production of Reinforced Steel and Iron

The Libyan Iron and Steel company, LISCO, has announced that all production of reinforced steel and iron has resumed and is now available. The company, one of the largest in Libya, with an annual capacity of 1,324,000 tons of liquid steel, is situated near the coastal city of Misurata, about 210km east of Tripoli, and […]

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LISCO restarts steel production in Misrata

The Misrata-based Libyan Iron and Steel Company (LISCO) has now resumed most of its steel production a year after it suspended operations, meaning a return to work for many of its 6,500 employees. Work has been going on since December to make essential repairs among the seven plants that were damaged by both shellfire and […]

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