Libyan Women Want a Say in Running the New Libya

Libyan women want more say in running post-Al Qathafi Libya and suggest that a new government in Libya should ensure the participation of both sexes in political action giving a minimum of 40% for each, with the requirement of capability.

Participation in government was one of the main recommendations by the first-ever International Women’s Conference in Libya, at the end of a most successful five-day event hosted and organised by Voice of Libyan Women movement that also emphasised the importance of women's representation in local, regional and international diplomatic corps.

After hours of discussions during seminars and workshops throughout the duration of the conference the participants decided to make 22 recommendations and urged the state to sign and ratify all international conventions that protect human rights, especially women and children.

The Libyan leaders and fighters who eventually ousted the former Libyan leader from power after 42 years in power, have all recognised the important role Libyan women played in the successful uprising. Now these same women want to have a say in the planning the road map for the rebuilding of the new Libya, and rightly so.

Their skills and their knowledge could be put to good use by the new leaders of Libya as they plan the future of the country, and the newly-formed Voice of Libyan Women movement, is working hard to get the message across. The Libyan women development NGO is focused on ensuring that women are active and relevant participants in Libyan society, particularly in regards to the political and economic landscape.

In creating this movement, with the collaboration of Attawasul Association, a voluntary Non-Governmental Organisation established in Benghazi in support of a constitutional and democratic Libya, the Voice of Libyan Women says it would like to present “One Voice”.

In the current political climate in Libya it is quite difficult to get the attention of policy makers, and so, in an effort to truly get the message of Libyan women heard, November 11-15, the movement hosted the International Women’s Conference that addressed many of the major topics and debates affecting Libyan women and society today, including politics, religion, business, women’s health, media and the process of NGO creation.

It is the first time that such an event has been held in Libya.
The third day was reserved for a discussion on Investing in Women: The mechanisms of how to encourage the economic empowerment of women through starting businesses, non-governmental organisations and the media were explored.

(Source: The Tripoli Post)

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