Leadership forum for Libyan youth

Qatar based Silatech has partnered with the Libyan National Transitional Council and the Benghazi Local Council in organising the first Libyan Youth Leadership Forum, held recently in Benghazi.

The conference brought over 300 young Libyans and government officials together with representatives of Arab and international civil society organisations. Silatech served as knowledge partner for the event.
As the first gathering of this kind to take place in post-revolution Libya, the forum provided a platform for discussions and workshops on youth empowerment, which is critical for the long-term economic, political and social development of the country.

Silatech CEO Dr Tarik Yousef said the forum provided an excellent platform to highlight the importance of addressing the challenges facing youth in Libya, as well as a way to build constructive partnerships between the emerging Libyan civil society and the wider regional community.

“By showcasing lessons learned from other countries in the region, the Forum helps Libyan policy makers and civil society organisations build the type of institutions and regulatory environment that can empower young leaders and allow Libyan youth to flourish.”

The Forum also saw  the launch of the National Youth Leadership Council, which will be a driving force to help develop the leadership capabilities of Libya’s youth, as well as manage the resources required to support youth programs throughout the country.

Silatech was founded in January 2008 by Qatar Foundation chairperson HH Sheikha Moza bint Nasser with broad support from other regional and international leaders. It is an innovative social enterprise, established to address the critical and growing need to create jobs and economic opportunities for young people. The initiative promotes large-scale job creation, entrepreneurship, and access to capital and markets for young people, starting first in the Arab world, where the highest rate of youth unemployment exists.

(Source: Gulf Times)

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  1. aya 2nd April 2012 at 8:15 pm #

    i would love to get involved with this initiative, but i'd like some further guidance as to what the scheme requires and entitles.

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