Libya NTC Rejects Ghoga Resignation

At a meeting in Tripoli Monday, Libya's National Transitional Council, NTC, rejected the resignation of the deputy head of Libya's ruling Council, Abdel Hafiz Ghoga, who had stepped down after protests against him in Benghazi On January 22.

Intisar al-Akili a member of the NTC told AFP. that during its meeting, the council examined Ghoga's resignation and rejected it.

Ghoga, who also served as official spokesperson for the NTC, came under increasing opposition from Benghazi residents who accused him of opportunism because of his belated defection from the Gaddafi regime.

Angry protesters stormed the offices of the NTC in the eastern city of Benghazi demanding the resignation of Ghoga and several other council members. At the time, protesters chanted slogans against him and opposed his presence in the council.

When he rendered his resignation, Ghoga said that after the recent events it was in the "best national interests", that he resigned and that he did not want to influence the NTC.

Until Tuesday morning it was still unclear whether Ghoga, would return to his post. He could not be reached for his comments.

(Source: Tripoli Post)

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