Libya Expected to Be A Most Prosperous Nation in Med, New Libya Forum Organiser Says

EMCS and Deloitte Middle East are jointly organising the two-day New Libya Forum that shall be held in Malta on February 27-28. It will be an international network of business professionals seeking to assist and work with the new Libya to develop what is expected to be one of the most prosperous nations in the Mediterranean.

Recent developments in Libya have transformed the country into a potential democracy where the process of change and constitutional reform is in process and where free elections are on the agenda. This will launch Libya into a new reality and a valid member of the international community.

It will also introduce Libya to the Global Economy and more intensive economic exchange with the rest of the world. Following the correct strategies, Libya with its rich natural resources can become a leading economy in the Mediterranean and soon become a well diversified business environment.

Legal and policy changes will be taking place in Libya and the business environment will be evolving as a result. It is therefore imperative to understand these changes and the trust of the reform that will be unfolding.

It will no longer be just a matter of who is who but increasingly also of what is what and how the system works It is therefore timely to understand these changes and how developments will occur.

It will be essential to understand what is propelling the change and the general direction of this change. It will be essential to understand the potential of the various sectors and what services and other requirements the country has. The effort to lift the country from a state of devastation to that of a growth oriented modern economy is very significant.

Building the necessary infrastructure and providing the necessary skills, knowledge and investment will also be vital. This presents opportunities to business and prospects for the country.

This Forum is oriented at making this contribution. It wants to serve as a vehicle for better understanding the evolving change and providing the necessary networking and direction for business to act as a positive force in the rebuilding and development of the New Libya. This will require a partnership between the international business community and the Libyan entrepreneurs, administrators and political leaders.

Mr. Adrian Said, the organiser and the director of the conference hinted that a number of international delegates would be travelling to Malta for this event. He told The Tripoli Post that international delegates will be travelling to Malta from the UK, US, Canada, Italy, Sweden, Holland, Jordan, UAE, and India.

As to what he deems to be the major interesting points of this event, Mr Said said: “This event is expected to be an interesting platform for those who want to learn about the new mechanics of operating in a post revolution Libya.” He stressed that the New Libya is about long-term business arrangements and not short-term in and out projects.

The speakers attending this Forum are individuals of high esteem. They include National Transitional Council, NTC, officials including Dr Ahmed Jehani, a former minister in the NTC revolutionary government and DrGuma El Gamati the former NTC spokesman and media commentator.

Mr Said went on to tell The Tripoli Post: “This is a historic opportunity in the region and a new departure for Libya. A positive frame of mind and a creative approach can provide a win-win situation where collaboration can quicken the pace of change for gains all round. This is the scope and purpose of this Forum.

“By bringing all the relevant parties together in Malta and on the social media portal, we hope to create the better understanding and the required networking to validly contribute to the rebuilding of a vibrant and prosperous New Libya!” concluded Mr. Said.

(Source: Tripoli Post)

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