Innovative sponsoring of Smart Technologies to New Libya forum conference

Smart Technologies was one of the main sponsors during the recent New Libya Forum Conference held between 27 and 28 February at Hilton, Portomaso in St Julian’s.

“Smart Technologies acknowledges the social and political impact that last year’s events have had on Libya and that this impact is bound to create a huge wave of opportunities which could be leveraged by the business sector in general. As such, we are actively looking into this potential and exploring a number of possible opportunities for our business,” said Joseph Aquilina, CEO of Smart Technologies as he commented about the involvement in this event.

As a sponsor of this conference, Smart Technologies provided the equipment that was used throughout the conference and also set up a desk with a number of PC’s where international participants were able to browse the internet or view e-mails during the session breaks.

Smart Technologies also supplied a number of netbooks so that throughout the conference comments were directly on the conference website and discussed during the Q&A sessions.

A stand was also set up during the conference from where visiting participants were able to learn more about Smart Technologies’ services namely leasing, renting and IT outsourcing and back-up services.

“Libya’s growing sector is a perfect example that shows how Smart Technologies can be the ideal partner for businesses who are setting up a presence in this region. In fact, our tailor-made leasing and renting services may be very suitable for those companies who want to set up a first ‘testing’ presence in this market and who would surely need to have the IT infrastructure in place but without the need of having to incur capital expenditure that such investments would normally require,” added Mr Aquilina.

“We were delighted to have had the opportunity to actively support this conference in an innovative way by being active participants and contribute our service towards the success that this conference achieved,” Mr Aquilina concluded.

(Source: Malta Business Weekly)

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