ANEL MEP set to resume Libyan operations shortly

Operations in Libya are set to resume following the cessation of the civil unrest in the North African country, the Qatari head of ANEL MEP has said.

In an interview with MEP Middle East, Paul McFarlane said that the Turkish MEP firm had already begun setting up its operations again in Libya, as the troubled state returns to normal following the toppling of Muammar Gaddafi.

“There’s a lot of work that needs to be done in Libya, in Tripoli,” McFarlane said, “We hope we can be involved in all those markets, our operations are back on again and I’d like to think we’ve positioned ourselves very well, certainly in this part of the world (the GCC) and in North Africa.”

“We can deal with all of these markets comfortably, and develop the business with existing clients and hopefully get some new ones,” he added.

In addition to its Libyan resumption, ANEL will also look to step up its operations in Saudi Arabia, which continue to show promising growth, according to McFarlane.

“Our office in Saudi Arabia, ANEL KSA, will cater to the Saudi Arabian MEP market. We’ve formed a joint venture with a company in the Kingdom, which forms part of the Saudi Bin Laden Group, and we’re currently working on our 10th international airport project there, the King Abdulaziz International Airport,” he explained.

Furthermore, the company recently opened a representative office in Abu Dhabi during the third quarter of 2011. This office would be used to drum up business in the UAE capital, while also being used as a base to enter the market once Dubai begins to show signs of sustained improvement.

However, McFarlane admitted that the MEP firm’s primary focus would be on the development of its business in Qatar, which is set to be a major source of income for the company over the next few years.

“As far as Qatar is concerned, the company’s attentions are firmly geared around its operations at the moment. We class Qatar as our central hub for GCC operations, obviously because of the work we’ve done here in the past and the work that’s potentially lined up for the future,” he said.

(Source: Construction Week Online)

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